Podcasts and videos


Google Talks: Ellen, Max Gladstone and Lindsey Smith were interviewed about Serial Box and Tremontaine.

Trailer for Serial Box’s Tremontaine

Ellen and Delia Sherman salute artist Charles Vess

Serial Box Podcast

During the first season hiatus, Ellen, Malina Lo and Joel Derfner discussed Tremontaine in “A Chat Over Chocolate.”

Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop Podcast
Ellen and Delia Sherman talked about characterization in fiction.


WGBH Presents
Ellen read “Esther: The Feast of Masks”

The Diane Rehm Show
Ellen joined Maria Tatar and Marina Warner to discuss “The History And Modern Relevance Of Fairy Tales”


BuzzyMag spoke with Ellen. Here is Part 2 of their chat.

Wired Presents: Geeks’ Guide to the Galaxy
Podcast interview with Ellen.

Coode Street Podcast
Ellen and Gary K. Wolfe guested to discuss the audiobook of Swordspoint.


Welcome to Bordertown editors Holly Black and Ellen Kushner shared some reading recommendations at Books of Wonder in New York City.

Trailer for Welcome to Bordertown anthology, edited by Ellen and Holly Black.


Center for Fiction: The Big Read
Ellen, John Wray, N.K. Jemisin, Michael Swanwick, and moderator David G. Hartwell discussed Ursula K. Le Guin’s legacy from the Earthsea books to her influence on today’s new writers.

The Center for Fiction: The Big Read
Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea group reading with Ellen at New York City’s Center for Fiction

Ellen, as Children’s Literature summer writer-in-residence, and summer faculty member Delia Sherman talked about the importance of fantasy at the Children’s Literature Association Conference held at Hollins University.


Center for Fiction: Outsiders in/of Science Fiction and the Fantastic
Panel exploring “outsiderness” in the world of SFF/F, with panelists
Steve Berman, Carlos Hernandez, Andrea Hairston, Alaya Dawn Johnson and Samuel R. Delany. Moderated by Ellen.
Part 2, Part 3

Imaginales conference panel/reading with Ellen (in French)

Writing Excuses
Ellen and Delia Sherman discussed Interstitial Arts.


A clip from Ellen and Delia Sherman’s appearance in the film Mythic Journeys, in which they discussed J.R.R. Tolkien and the devaluation of fairytale and fantasy and the alienation of children. More excerpts here, here and here.

Ellen talked about getting married twice to Delia Sherman and about the unexpected benefits of same-sex relationships.

Ellen and Delia Sherman talked about the origins of fantasy of manners and a brief digression on the usefulness of modesty.

Ellen at Faerie Escape: Atlanta 2010 with Delia Sherman, artist Charles Vess and storyteller Ari Berk.

An excerpt from the Faerie Escape: Atlanta panel “Servitude, Kidnapping and Adventure” with Ellen, Delia Sherman, Kris McDermott, Bill Bridges, Larissa Niec and Eugie Foster.


Ellen, Neil Gaiman and others discuss different forms his works have taken over the years.



Ellen Kushner and the Shirim Orchestra
Selected reading from The Golden Dreydl: A Klezmer Nutcracker For Chanukah