The Fall of The Kings


by Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman

A charismatic scholar of ancient history and a troubled young nobleman come together to uncover their city’s mythic past, digging deeper and deeper into a suppressed world of power and mystery as they find themselves playing out an ancient drama destined to blow open their cynical city’s smug vision of itself.

Set in the generation after Swordspoint and The Privilege of the Sword, The Fall of the Kings stands alone as "a powerful fantasy that rises above the crowd with a vivid setting, complex characters, and elegant prose" (Locus).

"A tour-de-force of mythic fiction, created by two of our field’s top writers." – Terri Windling

"Kushner and Sherman don’t spin fables or knit fancies: they are world-forgers, working in a language of iron and air." —Gregory Maguire

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman joined forces to create a novel unlike anything else, praised by critics and colleagues alike as "one of the bawdiest and most intellectually stimulating novels of the year!" (BookSense)

Two sneak peeks behind their collaboration:

"We had no intention of writing a novel together….."

"It was like playing ‘Barbies’. Or Tom & Huck down by the river being pirate kings…."