The Golden Dreydl: The Album

It began with a  live stage show I created with Boston’s Shirim Klezmer Orchestra in 2000.

Then The Golden Dreydl: a Klezmer Nutcracker for Chanukah became the public radio special which  became the album which then then became the book that begat the kids’ play and in Fall 2021 will be the book again with a new title and new illustrations:  The Golden Dreidel (Charlesbridge Press).

BUT I was thrilled to find that the album is now on SPOTIFY! It’s the story of a girl named Sara who goes to a family Chanukah party where a mysterious aunt gives her the gift of an oversized dreidel . . . my narration is artfully woven with the band’s hilarious musical take on a well-known seasonal suite by a famous Russian composer. 

It’s perfect for kids. Click HERE to listen to: