The Privilege of the Sword

AUDIE FINALIST 2012, Best Audio DramaACXtpotsCover With Type-1
Narrated by Ellen Kushner and Barbara Rosenblat

“Barbara Rosenblat’s gorgeously throaty, charmingly arch voice narrates the third-person scenes, and Joe Hurley’s Alec is simply wonderful; the key to Alec is comic timing, and Hurley has that down—he’s got a lovely drawl with a truly snarky bite to it. As a bonus, Neil Gaiman has an amusing cameo as a flamboyant artist. About as flawless as a production can be.” — Amy Goldschlager, Locus

“You can enjoy this novel without having read/listened to the previous Riverside novel…. I fell in love with both novels when I read them years ago and I was surprised and delighted to discover that the audiobooks actually improve upon the experience. Kushner narrates… and she does an amazing job. Her writing is lyrical and she has the skill as a reader to do it real justice…. Felicia Day is perfect as Katherine. As if that wasn’t enough, beautiful original music has been created to accompany the text.” Rogue Librarian

Narrators: Ellen Kushner and Barbara RosenblatFeaturing: Joe Hurley (Alec Campion: the Mad Duke Tremontaine), Felicia Day (Katherine Talbert), Nick Sullivan (Lord Ferris; Arthur Ghent), Katherine Kellgren (Lady Artemesia Fitz-Levi; Teresa Grey; Flavia “the Ugly Girl”), Neil Gaiman (Rogues’ Ball Artist)

Supporting Cast: Wilson Bridges, Jason Collins, Butch D’Ambrosio, Matt Mendillo, Bill Rogers, Sue Zizza