AUDIE AWARD 2012, Best Audio Drama
EARPHONES AWARD, AudioFile Magazine

2013 Communicator Award: Gold Award of Excellence (Audio)
Included in AudioFile’s Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Audio Theater Audiobooks, 2012


Narrated by Ellen Kushner

“Author Ellen Kushner delivers her utterly unique blend of modern fantasy and nineteenth-century novel of manners in an audio theatre production with original music, lively soundscapes, and distinguished cast.” – AudioFile Magazine, Best Audiobooks of 2012

“Throughout the entire book’s soundscapes you will hear the cadences of the marketplace, the music of the drawing rooms, and of course the ring of steel drawn from the scabbard.” – Neil Gaiman

[C]harismatic sporting swordfighters, ladies who manouvere over tea cups, and, as with all great thrillers, big politics leading to individual clashes that illustrate that world in miniature. . . . . Ellen’s own narration is supported by dialogue provided by a cast (including Simon Jones), sound effects and in scene music. That’s quite a tightrope to walk, and in lesser hands the effect could be terrible, an awkward halfway house between drama and reading.  But here it works wonderfully, the effect being akin to Ellen having an impossible vocal range, as the voices of the characters still seem to spring from her narration.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it, at half an hour a day, and I think it would make a splendid first audiobook experience for any lover of fantasy.”  – Paul Cornell, The Twelve Blogs of Christmas

“An audio gem!” – Fred Greenhalgh, Radio Drama Revival

Narrator: Ellen Kushner

Featuring: Dion Graham (Richard St. Vier), Robert Fass (Alec), Katherine Kellgren (Diane Duchess Tremontaine, Lady Olivia Rossillion), Nick Sullivan (Lord Ferris), Wilson Bridges (Michael Godwin), Sam Guncler (Basil Lord Halliday)… and the inimitable Simon Jones (Lord Horn, The Tragic Swordsman, Devin, Eoni, Chartil Poison-seller, Lord Arlen)

Supporting Cast: Nick Azzaretti (New Market Swordsman, Lord Thomas Berowne), Anne Bobby (Lady Godwin, Ginnie Vandall, theater boy), Stewart Hamilton Frank (Mary Lady Halliday, Lady Helena Nevilleson), Doug Shapiro (Lord Bertram Rossillion) Butch D’Ambrosio (Nimble Willie), Sue Anne Dennehy & Tom Curley (Riversiders) . . . and Sue Zizza as the Parrot.

Executive Producer and Director – Sue Zizza
Co-Producer – Ellen Kushner
Supervising Producer – Mike Charzuk
Master Recording, Editing, Mixing – David Shinn
Original Score Composed – Nathanael Tronerud
with additional original incidental music by – Tom Curley and Louis Zizza
Production Assistant – Butch D’Ambrosio
Project Assistant – Matthew Mendillo

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