The Fall of the Kings

AUDIE FINALIST 2014: Best Audio Drama and Best Multi-Voiced Performance Wilbur Award 2014
kings-audio-coverIn this stunning follow-up to Ellen Kushner’s Audie-award winning audiobook, Swordspoint, and the Audie nominee The Privilege of the Sword, co-author Delia Sherman joins Ellen to return to that world of labyrinthine intrigue, where sharp swords and even sharper wits rule. This time, they explore the city’s University, where a troubled young nobleman and his scholar lover find themselves playing out an ancient drama destined to explode their society’s smug view of itself.The Fall of the Kings is narrated by Ellen, with a cameo by Delia (making her audio debut)–and a special appearance by Neil Gaiman, who is heard throughout as “the King Man,” the Wizard in the dreams.Nick Sullivan (heard as the villain in the two previous Riverside novels) finally gets the romantic lead, playing the charismatic young professor Basil St Cloud. Also returning from the previous novels are Katherine Kellgren, Simon Jones and Robert Fass, joining a full supporting cast of rising young actors who bring to life the many passionate scholars of the University, noblemen in brothels, lowlifes in Riverside. . . and other unsavory sections of a city that Kushner’s fans have come to love and want to revisit, despite their amoral character – or maybe because of it?


Ellen Kushner (co-author): Narrator & Sophia Campion
Delia Sherman (co – author): Marianne
Nick Sullivan: Basil St. Cloud
Neil Gaiman: “The King Man”
Katherine Kellgren: Ysaud & Jessica Campion
Simon Jones: Roger Crabbe, Foster Rag-and-Bone, Lord Halliday
Robert Fass: Henry Freemont, Clarence Randall, Thomas Elton
Richard Ferrone: Lucas Cassius, Dr. Standish, Dr. Tortua
Tim Jerome: Leonard Rugg, Max, Master Governor
Ryan McCabe: Theron Campion, Peter Godwin, & a young Northerner
Jordan Smith: Justis Blake & Roland Greenleaf
Wilson Bridges: Anthony Lindley & Ralph Perry
Bill Rogers: Benedict Vandeleur , Lord Edmond Godwin, Tom Deverin
Jim Mundy: Alaric Finn, Dr. Polycarp, Lord Sebastian Hemmynge, & a Tavern Keeper
Butch D’Ambrosio: the Scruffy Boy, the Link Boy, & assorted Riverside lowlives
A. J. Kushner: a student
David Shinn: various street people
Sue Zizza: Fat Madge

Produced by Sue Zizza and Ellen Kushner
Directed by Sue Zizza
Engineered and Mastered by David Shinn
Original Music by Nathanael Tronerud
Cover art & design by Tom Canty
A SueMedia Production for Neil Gaiman Presents at

“This ‘illuminated’ book dances between the delicate, impassioned voice of the author, and that of dignified guest stars, including Neil Gaiman. Lush soundscapes and occasional effects complement the talented cast, bringing the audio experience alive.” – AudioFile Magazine