The Riverside Series

Audie Award winner
The Fall of the Kings
Wilbur Award Winner

Audiobooks narrated by
author Ellen Kushner

Produced by Sue Zizza & Ellen Kushner
Directed by Sue Zizza
Engineered and Mastered by David Shinn
Original Music by Nathanael Tronerud
Cover art & design by Tom Canty
A SueMedia Production for
Neil Gaiman Presents at

Ellen teamed up with Sue Zizza of SueMedia Productions to create a unique, innovative blend of soundscape, original music and actors that Zizza dubbed “Illuminated” audiobooks.  “It’s as if,” Kushner explains, “you fall asleep hearing me read, and start dreaming that the book has come to life.”

The series, produced for Neil Gaiman Presents, includes a full score of original music commissioned just for this series by composer Nathanael Tronerud that interweaves themes from book to book.

In an interview in AudioFile Magazine (August 2013), producer Sue Zizza and co-authors Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman discuss bringing the Riverside series to audio.

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